This is one of my sites, and probably my favorite of all the websites I've ever designed so far. It uses old paper, typewriter and hand-written fonts, faux-highlighting, and more, to give the site a well-worn look. These elements make the site jump out at the user, and really bring the user into the site. After changing to this design, my conversion rate skyrocketed! The look of a site really does make a difference in how potential customers respond.

This site was created for an artist whose paintings primarily feature coastal and beach-related themes. As such, I created a background similar to sand, and a logo that looks almost etched into the sand. I used mostly pastel colors to compliment the colorful paintings.

This site uses a flash gallery script that produces a really cool effect, allowing an artist or a photographer to display their work. I can put this feature on any of my sites. Test it out here

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